She peeps from the distant skies…

an old one, from my collection…
the moon shines upon the distant sky 
‘tis brighter than the stars today 
surrounded by a sheath of clouds 
she is peeping from within

tonight is a night of solitude 
i sit by my window 
listening to the thunderous silence 
looking at the moon peeping from within

an uproar of thoughts in me 
yet the mind is calm after many nights 
the thoughts dashing past each other 
now the moon, just smiled from within 

time is etching its memories, 
the smiles, the laughter, the words, 
there is no end to the string of emotions 
ah! there she is, grinning at me from within

my dreams are taking me 
beyond the distant horizon 
i find peace in this wave of happiness 
the moon tonight is sharing it from within.


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