Reflections of a mind..

The night sky opens up one by one 
The stars in her womb 
One by one she bares them all, her inner dark secrets 
As the hidden truths emerge from the abysmal land 
Insane people draw out shapes and give it names 
They call her the Orion, the hunter and all funny names 
They don’t see that its her secret 
That maybe fell out in error 
Shooting stars are another enigma 
Stars fall, like everything that rises falls 
Dumb people close their eyes and wish upon the star 
What relation between something that’s falling and a hope 
On happy days, she wears a blanket of clouds, 
Hides all her stars in her blanket, for her alone to savor 
Making the world beneath her gloom 
For their lack of understanding, 
Of mankind and her 
On sad days, she bares open, all her children 
Children gaze at the twinkling sky 
Sing rhymes, wish upon falling stars 
Again for their lack of understanding 
Of mankind and her 
I look upon the yonder skies 
I see stars and clouds, which cannot be true 
Confusion at its all time best 
Painting a reflection of my mind…


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