There are noises all around 
Ice Age playing on the TV
The noise of one kid playing with his aunt
The noise of a cartoon upstairs
Someone else is speaking on the phone in some corner
The water is trickling from the freezing from the tap beyond
The rain lashing at the windows adding to the cacophony
That was yesterday..
Its a new day, but the noises are still there
A kid throwing darts in the air
Another humming some sacred tune
Someone clearing their throat… 
Outside the white flakes are swaying in the light breeze
On their descent downward
The whiteness is echoing its sound of purity
Amidst all this noise, 
I hear the silence, like you
I hear the unspoken words, like you
The million expressions so near, yet so far
Those sounds echo in my ears, like yours
Amidst all this noise we hear the voices..
Voices of smiles, voices of happiness, 
Voices of togetherness, voices of love.


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