A handful of sky

Looking up, staring at the sky spread across
Wishing that it would open up
And a cluster of wishes falls down upon me
I am gazing at the blue blanket
Imagining a making of concrete above me
Where my fingers touch every brick and cement
Where every wall speaks volumes of my dreams
I continue looking at the sky
Wishing it would open up
I could spread my arms and collect in their fold
Every cent that would rain down upon me
All these cents would form one brick in my dream
I am looking up at the sky
Longing for the warmth of the walls,
The hue of the paint that would adorn them,
The place I can call ‘home’,
And would give me a feeling of ‘mine’
I look up at the sky
A drop of water touches my face
The sky opens up
It drenches me, my dreams and my hopes.


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