Surface beneath her feet is frozen
Wind hitting her face is cold
Layers of clothing make her stoop
Branches on the trees are barren
Bitter cold make her legs numb
She looks for a room somewhere
Distant from the freezing air
The heat of which will rejuvenate her blood
Make her feel alive
Like her the surface beneath waits
For a kiss from the powerful rays of the sun
Like her, the trees wait
To bloom and come to life
Like her, the birds wait
To spread out and fly in warmer skies
Like her, the wind waits
To kiss her and embrace her in its warmth
Oh so nice, oh so warm
The heat of the burning sun
Oh so cold, oh so bitter
The curse of this painful winter.
Like the ground, like the trees
Like the birds, like the wind
She waits, for the kiss of a ray
She waits, to bloom
She waits, to spread out and fly
She waits, to be alive again.


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