With all my imperfections
I lay myself to rest
With a flashing strike of the metal
Against my hands so soft
Or a wrong turn of the wheel
In busy crowded freeways
Or a gulp of sweet tasting
Bitter fluids
Or gulping down of a handful
Of cylindrical white globules
Which one
Which one of these
Will end this act
Of utmost imperfections?
The clock now ticking
There is no turning back
Will time stop
Will my loved ones mourn?
May be they will, maybe they wont
Even for a few days
There will not be a vacuum
Emptiness anywhere
Except in the two shining faces
That I brought forth to earth
Aah their smile holds me back
Maybe I am perfect at least to them
A small ray of life
In this me full of imperfections.
I walk back once again
From where the sea ends
Onto shores
With two shining faces
Splashing in the water
Leaving footprints on the sand
I will come back again
To explore the end of the sea
Maybe the next time I make the journey
I will not turn around
And find the abysmal perfect silence
In this life of imperfections.

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