It goes on is a collection of short stories, woven through the fabric of life and relationships. It reflects upon the saying by Robert Frost “In three words, I can sum up everything I have learnt in life… It goes on”. Life can get complicated with the circumstances we are placed in, people we meet, and relationships we make. Many experiences we come across in each day of life. From some we learn, some we ignore. Some help us make a better life, either for ourselves or for another person. But amidst all these nuances, the wheels of life continue to roll, showering upon us more experiences, more trysts with destiny. It goes on takes you through various experiences of life, that different people go through in the journey of life. There are so many relationships one makes in a span of life. And each one is different. Like an attachment to us we carry these relationships over years, taking care to preserve its delicacy. Each relationship opens up a new dimension within us, which we probably never knew existed. It goes on, travels through various relationship bonds society has formed and its bearings on us.

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