White trees

Have you seen white trees? I have, I hadn’t noticed their beauty in such depth until today.. when I saw them turning white. Brown “leaf-less” trees turning white, so radiant, and so much more beautiful than when they bloom in green hues. When white, each tree looks so different, as if for the first time, you are admiring the trunk and its branches alone. Bare yet brilliant! 

Today I stood out in the open and felt the snow falling on me. Like the rains, I closed my eyes, opened my mouth wide, and faced the sky. The snow flakes kissed my face ever so lightly and drenched me. They glowed like glitter on my brown fur coat. They made me cold, yet the beauty of the world around me, glorified by the flakes. 

When you go to the beach, and look out into the distant water, the horizon is so unclear. You cannot say where exactly the sea ends and the blue sky begins. That is how it is when it snows. The ground is white, the purest form of white, the sky is white. You cannot say where land ends and the sky begins. 

I haven’t seen my day so bright without a touch of the sun’s rays. I haven’t seen my night glow more on a full moon light. The sky reflects the snow from the ground, the ground reflects the brightness of the sky. As pure as an angel, as shining as the twinkle in a baby’s eyes.

I told my son ‘Did you see the white trees?’ He corrected me ‘Amma, don’t tell anyone that they are white trees, its just snow on the branches’ 🙂

Let it snow.. let it snow… let it snow. 

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