The sun is setting again in my backyard today. The crimson sky awes me. The dark shade of the trees, adding its touch to the canvas view. Bird are flying back. Everything is so calm. I drive by the perfect roads, neatly lines by tall trees, trimmed to perfection. Every now and then I pass by a lake, reflection a shadow of the houses around. The houses, so geometrically perfect, all in a line, making silent conversations. The fountain in the center of the lake, erupting with a joy of falling. People walking by for an evening stroll, talking, laughing… happy. The vast spance of green grass, not a golf course but just plain land laid out in impressive green.
This drive which scared me the first time in the dark, now embraces me with both hands. The darkness now a blessing. The house which seemed to big, but now a home. Where my kids grew from babies to kids.
The laughter of people echoes in the kitchen, the clanking of glasses filled with spirits. The barbeque grill hot outside. The backyard lay wide open for me to stretch out and gaze at the stars or see the sinking sun.
This is Carmel. This is home. A place that gradually, over time grew on me. Another thousand memories weaved by a single thread, flutter in the wind, to be relived once again.

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