The mind…

My blog tells me I last wrote something in December last year. Almost three months now. What have I been doing? Didn’t I have any thoughts about writing? I did, many thoughts crossed my mind. But all these thoughts came rushing in, when I had the least access to a pen or my alphabet keys. Can I rewind those thoughts? A person like me – No way!.. Yikes!
Now that I have some time to spare, free from the daily chores of life, here is something that I have been pondering on for a few days.
How do you understand yourself? This is the just the first question. Here come the rest.. How do you know who you really are… what you want out of life… what are your highs and lows… the list goes on…
There are some people who have this sixth sense power of deep diving into oneself and construct a perfect frame of the person they are. It works like a input-process-output diagram that we normally use in the project management world. Given a situation, they can precisely say how they will react, what the outcome will be. Such people usually have a strong mind.
Now the other category of people, who have no idea who they are, what they want, what they value… rather the ‘confused’ strata. They act on impulse and on the spur of the moment. They let people around them shape their everydays. No two actions may be alike. Today they may react in one way to a situation and tomorrow another. Fickle-minded is another apt word. They may have reasons for their actions, but acting on impulse may overshadow their honest intention.
The mind – the umbilical cord between the body and life. The central control tower, which directs every thought, action, word. A stable mind is the key to a good life. Strong for the former category of people and weakest for the latter. A ripple in the still waters of the mind causes emotions – all of them – the smile, the frown and everything in between, above and beyond.

One thought on “The mind…

  1. There will be some persons who have strong minds but occassionally turns fickle minded, based on the situational demands and the adjustments one has to make !!!
    Any way good thought, neatly penned down.


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