A distant thought

We didn’t sit by the beach making plans for the future. We didn’t count the waves pledging our love at each crest and fall of the joyous waves. We didn’t find excuses to leave home on weekends and make up for the week’s separation. We didn’t spend nights on the phone talking dirty things that we would do one we would be together. Still we made it. Twenty five years through day and night. Our children grown above our ears ready to carve their names in the vast expanse of time. Our hair has greyed, skin folded with creases, we need glasses to admire each others smile. The strength in our limbs has weakened but the strength in my embrace is as strong as it was when I first held you on the night of our wedding day. You have the years hidden behind your eyes but you look as beautiful as you looked in all your bridal finery. Happy anniversary my love, I hope I can spend another twenty five beside you, loving you.

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