Aamir’s Show

Satyamev Jayate – the phrase India’s aam aadmi is chanting. The phrase every Indian who wants to see a better India is chanting. The bringer of this wave – the perfectionist – Aamir Khan. Initially when the promos were out and trailer of the song was out, I was attracted to the promos because it is Aamir Khan. The ever handsome hunk who has the best smile and is so down to earth. Adjectives fail me when I have to describe Aamir Khan. You would think that with my rattling I know him personally, well no, I am just another ardent fan of the man. The promos were out, I googled every bit there was and was smitten by Mr Perfectionist all over again until the first show aired on television.

Wow! He took my by surprise. It was not a show, it was reality. Nobody is putting up an act, nobody has learnt any dialogues, it is all straight from the heart. After I saw the first show, the heroes where the people who appeared on the show and Aamir Khan took backstage. There are thousands of people like Harish Iyer, who struggle through everyday, hoping for a better dawn. Mothers’ who wish they did not have to make that trip to the abortion clinic and have to go through the pain – physical and mental. Fathers who wish they didn’t have to spend their last penny to get their daughter married. So many untold instances of so many people, the unsung heroes living in our society, around us, amidst us.

Which is precisely why I admire the initiative. I cannot say that I like the show, because it is not one. There is nothing to like about it, because it involves somebody’s life and their hardship, so how can you like someone’s hardship? That is why I say I admire the initiative that Aamir has taken to spread awareness of the multitude of common man’s issues thriving in India, often hidden under the idiosyncrasies of our upscale bureaucracy. A Government which is more bothered about filling their pockets and proving their point than bringing up the basic living standards of every Indian. Just how much does it take to ensure that every Indian has three square meals a day, children have education, are safe from the perils of sexual abuse, have jobs to earn a living and give their family a safe and clean environment? Crores and crores of money wasted on idiotic deals which top notch officials deposit in banks for a future which may or may not come. It is extremely sad to see what has become of a country which was given to its people to build and flourish more than 60 years ago. Yes S-I-X-T-Y F-I-V-E years since the British left us, and we imprisoned ourselves within the bars of corruption, poverty and greed for power.

In such dwindling circumstances an initiative like Aamir Khan’s tells the Government – Hello, now how about some real development? I would applaud Aamir Khan for using his stardom in such a manner, where he is creating an awareness of the social issues that has been crippling India. His initiative will feature as a yardstick to measure the growth of the country in terms of social behaviour and human outlook.

Hats off to this man, who perceived this idea and implemented it to showcase to the people of India, their own problems and tell them that stop, there is a way out… there is hope…

4 thoughts on “Aamir’s Show

  1. hi maya,
    thanks for watching satyamev jayate. And thank you for spreading the word on your blog. It is important, maya that some who can strip, strip our personal lives completely on international television so that people know about the menaces that exist in our society and take appropriate steps to combat it. Else, this will always be a taboo, even after 10 years and a million rapes and abortions!


  2. Hi Maya,
    My name is Lipi and I work with the team of Satyamev Jayate. I just want to thank you from everyone in the team for spreading this message. As Harish says above, people must know about the menaces that exist in our society and take action against the same.
    Thanks again.


  3. Harish.. I cannot say thank you for reading what I wrote, because what I have written is just a spot in the entire arena of things.. I can only say I am deeply honoured that you read what I felt…


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