Understanding the power in you

Many a times I have thought that I want to be born as a man in my next life, if there is one. Dont think that I am a staunch believer of rebirth, but since I dont know the possibility of one, I am not denying it. This thought crosses my mind when I see the kind of freedom men have in our society. They go anywhere they want, any time of the day, are not answerable to anybody, except themselves. I like that kind of freedom, I like living that kind of carefree life. Why cant I live that kind of carefree life as a woman?

For one good reason, the society we live in is not safe, it would be more apt to say that the men in our society igniting the spark for social evils in the society makes it an unsafe world for us. But its not only that. The true reason is that many of us women dont tread the path to discovering the power within us. We seldom celebrate life, instead are burdened by the responsibilites we are “supposed to be carrying out”, which often suppresses our spirit to live happily.

Why is it that we dont understand the power in us? Why are we born to be submissive? The nasty truth of the world. Somewhere down the line, someone during our growing years would have told us atleast once, that ‘you are a girl’. And almost all the time we have not learnt /have been taught to ask “So what?”

Stupid women.

If you understand the power in you, will you be able to celebrate life? Maybe; maybe not. But looking at the mirror everyday and telling yourself that “I am special” makes a difference.

Give me one man who will do everything you do as perfectly as you, from the moment you open your eyes till the time you fall asleep any single day? I can bet that there wont be even one. And that makes you special. The unique being made to do a thousand things, think a million thoughts, go through unbearable pain to bring life into this world. Its the goddesses within us that we should worship. For the power within us makes us strong and no way inferior to men.

I still want to be born a man in my next life and see the world from the other side of the fence, it definitely looks a lot greener from this side. . 🙂

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