I happened to open the matrimonial classifieds supplement sheet this morning and to my amusement found some hilarious descriptions of requirements.

I have always thought, how do people find life partners with this, me being a happy victim of the socially classified “inter religion love marriage”. The concept of arranged marriages with these newspaper descriptions is outright hilarious.

Let me quote a few phrases/words used in these ads –
Seeks fair employed girl – how fair?
Seeks pious beautiful girl – is going to the temple everyday pious enough?
Vegetarian with clean habits seeks fair,  well educated girl – clean habits ?
Seeks highly professional affluent boy – how affluent might that be?
A gentleman 58 seeks sincere committed pleasant lady – committed to?
Seeks soft good nature bride – so she should not shout
Fair qualified brides – qualified for?
Very fair employed in USA seeks professional qualified bride – like being employees in USA is an added feather or extra qualification to filter out the desi employed girls.
Hindu girl senior position mnc abroad, widely travelled, multi lingual, modern outlook, traditional values seeking well educated and settled, broad minded groom – PHEW!
US citizen doctor parents seek alliance for their US citizen daughter, born and brought up in India with strong Indian values – they need the US tag but Indian values !!
Hindu healthy rich active widower 79 needs a healthy beautiful lady life partner around 65 – beauty matters even at 79.
Good family background professionally well qualified and well settled. Honest good human values  clean habits vegetarian tee totaller – aint you asking for an ideal guy who is non existent?

… and the list is endless.. I may be mocking these ads here, but marriages do happen this way, and in large numbers everyday. What amuses me is the first step in the selection process of a spouse are the phrases listed above.
And the flip side is you stand very less chances of getting married if you do not for into these flowery adjectives. The outlook that people enter a marriage with is defined by these phrases and it is none of these things that makes a marriage happy. Well maybe parents think that these are pointers to a happy married life.

Long live marriage and classifieds !!

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