In the silences..

As he sat there in the stillness of the night, birds cooing somewhere up high, fireflies skimming through the air, lights of houses in the distance, the vast lake lying in tranquility, the noises of his present in the background, his past flashed before his eyes.

Her love that was so dear to him, yet he threw away in an instant. Naina, from whom and for whom his days started and ended. The center of his universe. The life that could have been, that he washed away. The laughter from the soul, the smiles from the heart, the inner joy of being oneself.

The perils of relationships that he was now brought into. The net he wanted to seep through. The bonds that existed yet, invisible. The non existent companionship he longed for. The wait for a new sunrise. The mechanical conundrum that awaited him each morning. The solitude of his silence that resonated around him. His inner voice that wanted to emerge, his soul waiting to dance like old times.

In that precise moment..

He realised..

He was made for greater things.. !!

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