A thousand stars

wrapped in your arms
where i can hide from everything
and my face knows only smiles
there my love i shall feel your heat
and you my breath
and under an umbrella of love
we shall hold on to each other..
our dreams ..
our desires and
our love
our breaths hitting each other
and us, breathing each other
close to my heart
close to your chest
i plant the kisses one by one
the waves coming in
one by one
hitting against our embrace
me lost in your arms
and mine in yours somewhere
we look up to the night sky
a thousand stars smiling upon us

Quiet waters

I sit by the quiet waters
Lashing to the shore
Rushing to kiss my feet
My feet now in two deep circles
The hue of the sky now crimson
As the sun leaves to distant lands
The water below reflecting
Doing its job to perfection
The silent echoes of the ripples
Making a rhythm on its ow
When I stand there all alone
I feel you beside me
We stand there for a while
Looking out to the deep waters
Our hands entwined in each others
Our thoughts about the other
The waves, oh so loud, now
Interrupting our silent conversation
Happiness is all that the heart knows now
With you is where I want to be now

Running my fingers

running my fingers through the hair
like i’ve always wanted to
resting my head on the shoulder
another hidden wish
moments of togetherness, disappearing
in a wink of the eye
the unfelt touches now felt
the unsaid words now uttered
the longing now out in the open
my shadow and I now one
fingers interlocked,
the palms feel damp
I touch the face
warmer than usual
desire and dreams dancing
in perfect harmony..

Leaves have fallen

the smiles have faded
his face is turned away
the leaves have all fallen
will there be spring again
everything is so meaningless
that even poetry feels empty
the words forgotten
the weight of writing a word
thoughts has stopped abruptly
and poetry feels so empty
will there be smiles again I wonder
will I feel the warmth again
will I look up gleaming again
but my face now is so empty
the worst thoughts creep in
haunting me from inside
i yearn for yesterday again
if i cant go back to yesterday
then i dont want to go to tomorrow

He looks up

he looks up

to the white sky

flurries fall on his face

and clothes

specks of blessings

from above

he feels the chill

his hands firmly locked in

i look from a distance

treading towards my life

to be wrapped up


in those loving arms

In your arms

in that precise moment
when the stars came out in yonder skies
there my love
in your arms
i died
that moment felt like
i was yours
and yours alone
and my ignorant heart
made a silent wish
to die there
a thousand deaths…