Lets dance!

What is it to dance.. to whirl away like the wind.. to shakedown all the troubles.. and to feel happy from within. Leaving all your aches and pains behind, letting down your hair and moving yourself to the rhythm and magic of music. The loudness of the music, shuts your ears to every conversation, so that you hear only the ripples of the beats. The darkness of the room, shuts your eyes to the reality of life, so that for a while you may close your eyes to the world beyond. All you hear is the laughter from friends, sharing the simple pleasures of life, like you. All you see is your friends moving to the rhythm, having a good time.
Music is made for every emotion, thanks to all the music composers. You have a song for every mood, every situation and every moment in life. Music is so much a part of life.
The numbers played last night, were not anyone’s favourite dance numbers, but the carefree friends around didn’t mind what played, as long as we were dancing and having the time of our life.
Prior to the dance, there was a magician enthralling us with his tricks. But sadly, only the kids gave him an audience, while the adults were busy satisfying their appetite. The magician expressed his sadness that he lost the crowd and was lost among the kids. Its probably the Indian culture to be engrossed in their own little thing and really not bother about the person on stage. His tricks were good, alas, nobody paid attention. I hope we paid him well.
Then there was this person serving us. He must have been in his seventies or eighties and extremely skinny. He laid down our desserts carelessly, poured wine that dripped all around, overfilled our glasses, spilled leftovers on the table. Anyone would forgive him easily and not bother about his errors on his job, owing to the fact that he was doing that job at his age. How many of us would be working at his age? Actually, how many of us would live to his age? Nobody knows what lays ahead, so while you are here, enjoy the music, let your hair down, and dance !! [At least, once in a while !!]

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