A day with friends..

Gossip – there is a wrong premonition that gossip is exclusive to the feminine population of the world. The majority may be feminine, or the intellectually-lacking talks may be too lacking intellectually when it comes to women. But gossip is a hot cake, always ready to be savoured. There are the kinds who totally detest gossip, my respects for them. There is another category, who after the feel-good session, exclaim ‘why are we talking about them’ and the last category, who feel-good after the feel-good session. I am proud to be a part of the last feel-good-squared mass of the female part of this world.
Yesterday was a day of gossip, fun and do-what-you-want-to-do. I got the day to myself after packing my older one to school, younger one to daycare in the pretext of a doctor’s visit, husband and mother-in-law to Chicago to enjoy a movie. My friend offered to drive me to the doctor’s office. After a quick snapping off of the delicate threads on my delicate hand, we set foot to shop till we drop.
Our hours-long shopping spree took shape at a shopping mall fifteen miles away. True to a shopping-woman’s sacred oath, we didn’t buy anything, but we walked into every possible shop and repeated the same sentence with a big grin ‘we’re just looking around..’. But every object in every shop deserved a comment from us. ‘Aaah that shop looks good, lets take a look’.. ‘Oh see they have a poster saying 50% off’ when we got closer we read the almost invisible letters ‘buy 1 and get the 2nd’… ‘50% off’. That didn’t anyway dampen our spirits to walk in. ‘Look, Banana Republic, let’s visit the museum’, we declared the store as a museum coz a top which was quite bare cost $60.. !!
For lunch we hopped into Paradise Bakery and Cafe. Chaos!! The lady behind the counter exclaimed ‘Is it your first time here? Yeah, I know its crazy round here’..
After going in and walking out of the museum-like stores, we decided that we’d get what we need at our regular store J C Penney. So off we went and happily swiped our credit cards. White sweater – $40, Black top – $20, Blue shirt – $20. The satisfaction of buying new clothes – priceless!!
The shopping spree came to an end, rather too soon, after about five hours precisely. We got back home with the kids and our other friend joined us. We first spent sometime in the holy shrine of the kitchen, an chanted shrimp curry, chicken curry, potato curry mantras. After feeding and putting the kids to sleep, we cracked up at the ‘girls only’ stories  from college and ‘girls only’ comments about a movie – Kerala Cafe. I refrain from posting those comments here for girlhood sake!!
Add equal portions of gossip and shopping with any quantity of (girl)friends and you have the perfect recipe for a happy-go-lucky sort of day –  any time.. any day.. any place.
Cheers to my ‘girlsonly’ gang here !!

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