The year gone by…

New year is always an opportunity to reflect on the year gone by and renew the hope within you to possibilities and achieve something new. Technically January 1st is just another day, when you reset the calendar. But over the years this day has filled the human with what a system reboot does to the computer. [...]

Of Bread sandwich & Maggi noodles…

So these were the engineering days. I lived in a hostel with a wonderful roommate and a bunch of cool girls next-door. It took me a few weeks to understand the know how's  of a "hostelite", but once I got the hang of it, there was no looking back, and they are the most memorable [...]


My parents took a bold step of paying Rs 50 in the year 1982 to Bishop Cottons for admitting me to Nursery. Then on, their next 14 years of life was spent on raising money to keep me there. I was this short, stout mallu kid who never had anything fancy. While my friends brought [...]

Old friends and good times

Ever yearned to take that trip with your good old friends, a time to break out from the norm? A time where you can revel on gossip, fun and laughter, accompanied by good food on unknown terrains. A journey into friendship, a journey into the known with people you have known for as long as [...]


Lately, it seems like the only time I get to sit back, relax and think is when I drive to office and drive back home. Those stretched 35 miles of my day, is when Maya can lose sight of the world around and delve into dreams and the world of imagination. My best company during [...]

A day with friends..

Gossip - there is a wrong premonition that gossip is exclusive to the feminine population of the world. The majority may be feminine, or the intellectually-lacking talks may be too lacking intellectually when it comes to women. But gossip is a hot cake, always ready to be savoured. There are the kinds who totally detest gossip, [...]