Acquaintances, Friends and Loved Ones

Every person that walks into your life, comes in with a purpose. There are some who wave goodbye at the gates. You may remember them, or memory may put them on a scratch pad and erase them as time goes by. They are faces, if forgotten, would not really matter, to you and to the other person. There are lots of people like this. They don’t have a purpose for coming into your life. Acquaintances.
Then there are some who walk in, stay a while, maybe years. You share your thoughts, feelings, ideas with them. Maybe yes, maybe not. You learn some things from them. They learn some things from you. When it is time to move on, they leave. Memory may remember them for a long time, finally it fades. They too have a share in making your life a better place. They usually add an element of fun to your life. Laughter is generally the order of the day. Friends.
Then there are very few who walk into your inner circle of life. They never leave from your heart or mind or soul. Whatever you want to call it. They may move on, they may be part of your everydays. But they are on your mind all the time. You share your innermost fears, secrets with them. They come in with a definite purpose. They teach you something for sure. And you learn very easily from them, because they are closest to you. You would do anything for them, so their life is a better place because you are in it. They may not always tell you the right thing, they may just listen to you. Or laugh with you. But they always do what makes you feel comfortable. And this feeling is mutual. You would also always do things that makes them happy. They may also leave, but the heart is always fond of them. They know you, just like you know them. Loved ones.
Life needs acquaintances, friends and loved ones to strike a balance. Even if one element is missing, you lose balance.. May you have all three in life, like me. God Bless.

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