Compromised lives – that’s the movie Tamasha in two words. This post is not a movie review, but an insight into the life that a lot of people live. As depicted in the movie, we are all running a race, we don’t know what the race is about, or what it is for, everybody is running, so we are also running. Are we first or second, or ninth or tenth? We don’t know. Choose your own race and ace that.
How many of us are really able to do that? Stop running everyone else’s race, and run your own? I don’t know, maybe because my outlook is small or because I am surrounded by lots and lots of people who are in the rat race, that I feel that this percentage of people who run their own race is very small. However, something inside me, makes me believe that I am part of the small population that lives compromised lives.
Be yourself – that’s the movie Tamasha in two other words. You don’t have to change for the world, or do things to please people around you. Believe in your wings and fly.
Like one of those forwards, the birds trust it’s wings not the branch of the tree it’s sitting on.. 

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