To Indian news channels !

Dear news channels, 

Thank you for all the reporting you do. Thanks to all the journalists who travel to extreme locations to bring the latest to the luxury of our living rooms. 

Here’s a request, please take a stand on what you feel is really big news or breaking news. Every news is not breaking news. 

Mr. Modi is trying to gather support and retaliate Pakistan’s forever infiltration of the border. There are people in freezing temperatures and meagre or close to none living conditions who are carrying weapons, pulling the trigger at the terrorist and taking a life. They are risking their life everyday, while you sit in the comfort of your newsroom and I in the comfort of my living room. Their families most likely depend on the income from these brave people who are taking the chance at having no income at all. 

If Kejriwal supports the Prime Minister or Sonia Gandhi supports him, just mention it and move on. The issue is much more serious than the soccer ball you have made out of it, kicking amongst the political parties. If a congress leader asks for proof of surgical attacks, ask him to go to hell or go fight at the border and take a video of himself for proof. 

For crime issues, just report the news, don’t become lawyers and judges and start your sidetrack investigation misleading the people. Years ago what you told us was the truth, now I don’t know if you are telling me the truth or making up stuff to increase your TRP.

Please do justice to the big responsibility the people have given you. If you don’t have anything to report just show a blank screen than distributing anything and everything you find on the way. 

Oh and please stop the nonsense that you call newsroom debates. Those are just atrocious !! People who have no first hand experience of what is happening are yapping away in a cozy room. Neither one of them gets to say anything completely anyways. You are just fueling the mindset that anyone can interfere in anyone’s life, be it as personal as a tragedy as rape. Disgusting is the word ! Nobody has a right to poke their noses into someone else’s life. Mind your own business !

If there is a surgical strike, yes that is breaking news. If there is a tragedy like an accident, yes that is breaking news. What a congressman thinks of the surgical strike is NOT breaking news. For once support the government and stop raking up anti government thoughts on people. The country is divided enough, already !

Indu Anish

Note – to the readers, if you agree please share.

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