Dark silences

Darkness has a sound of solitude Have you noticed? When there are lights There is noise When it's dark It's extremely quiet Is it dark outside Or are my lights burning out There is the distant humming Of metal somewhere I still hear silence A loud resonating silence Everyday Day after day Darkness looms large [...]


Attitude, I thought is the general behavior one shows towards another person. It is one of the parameters that defines a person. From an attitude perspective there are only three kinds of people - the good ones, the bad ones and the in-between ones. The good ones always have a good attitude towards you. They [...]

Sunday musings…

Is there one person in this whole wide world who knows you inside out? Maybe not. Actually it is not maybe, it is definitely no. And the only person who knows you entirely is you. All the acquaintances we make have a piece of us. As we meet new people, they take a slice of [...]

That one page

Have you seen the book With one empty page To write your own story On this single page The color? It's different The size? It's different The page stands out You could spot it In a thousand pages It's lost Amidst all the other pages Beyond recognition The writing? It's different The language? It's different [...]


Small talks Little laughters Shot size bantering Is all there is Is all there will be Crossing paths Like two cars passing by Short-lived acquaintances They come and go And there are plenty Starting with small talks Ending with small talks These are loose threads From another lifetime This I am sure if For Each [...]

New waters

Not very often life presents you with a completely new set of choices. It retains the long and important relationships but everything else gets a reboot. The place you live in changes overnight. The building you call home changes to new walls, paint and furniture. Suddenly there are a whole set of people you meet [...]