3 cats and a mouse

3 cats T, D and H wanted to catch a mouse K. T, D and H made elaborate plans on how they would catch the mouse. They ridiculed each other to no end. When D-day came, D and H realize that T has a better plan. D quickly seizes the opportunity and hatches plan B. D crawls to H with a token of friendship and plots a joint plan to catch mouse K. Now who gets K is yet to be seen.

The mouse’s fate is already decided. Either of the cats will catch hold of the house and gulp her down.

Then there are the people who watch this cat and mouse game like mutes.

T offers clothes to people to help him. D offers money. H offers money delivered at your door step.

Whom will you help? Maybe get the clothes from T, money from D and H and whom you actually help doesn’t matter. The mouse will anyways be caught and beaten to death.

Long live democracy! Long live the cats!

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