My solitude

The darkness of the night
The quiet rustle of the leaves
The smell of chempakam fills the air
The pitter patter of raindrops
The solitude of my mind
The drifting thoughts
The rushing thought to break free
The serenity of the moment
The serenity that surrounds me
The serenity that fails to penetrate
My mind.. my thoughts.. my solitude..

The pounding in my head
The pain pulling the chords inside
The pull in different directions
The pain showing no signs of ebbing
The light shining bright in my face
The choice which i no longer possess
The sound of the cinema
The piercing of acoustics
The pain piercing deeper
My mind.. my thoughts.. my solitude

The morning spent in quiet waters
The sound of the wind echoes
The abysmal fauna around
The mesmerising depth of the green
The wind in my face
The myriad lives that dwell on
The wondrous creation
The nests built on no man’s land
The lonely trees mirrorring
My mind.. my thoughts.. my solitude..

The ride with you that never will be
The look on your face as we take in
The silence of the night
The feel of your arms as we lock in
The darkness covering our bareness
The whispers polluting the silence
The love in your eyes for me
The words that i can utter without thought
The thought of you lingers on
My mind.. my thoughts.. my solitude..

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