Twists and turns

For a small period of time life goes on like a straight line with not many peaks and lows. Everyday is no different from the previous one or for that matter the next one. You know for sure when you go to bed, that tomorrow morning the sun will rise and set and everything in between will be the same. After a few years suddenly things change. Maybe God takes a break from his otherwise busy schedule into your life and thinks, well, she’s got used to this, let me pull the plug on her. I think, He thinks that it’s time for her to pray, so let me put in something teeny weeny blocks in her path. And so it goes. One thing leads to another and it’s all a mess again. He will most likely pull the plug on the people around you as well, at the same time, making the already complicated situation, more complicated. 

It’s just that time of the year. The only thing that will get everyone through to the other side and find the straight line once again, is F-A-I-T-H. 

All these lives that he has decided to disrupt will find the straight line in their own time. Getting through the mountain is the difficult part. At times like this you understand your are a part of so many other lives and blessed for the relationships and human strength around you; Yet you are alone on your way up the mountain. You have to make your own path to reach the top. 

Sometimes the mind draws a blank, wants to close its eyes and pretend that none of this is happening and you long to go back to those yesterdays where the sun rises and sets and everything in between is just like its yesterday. Yet it snaps back in a jiffy and you put the next foot forward. 

It’s especially difficult to see your children climb. Most times they just run to the top leaving you wondering why you were so worried in the first place. Their faith restores quickly, maybe because they are not so hung over on the nitty gritty of life and its drawstrings. They show us constantly just how easy it is to be happy and our busy adult minds refuse to see it because we are bogged down by our troubles.

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