The power of “ok”

Have you noticed how powerful the word “ok” is? It’s one of those tiny unnoticed words that just exists and we take for granted like the wife in the house. It’s there, it does a lot of things but very very powerful! If you are stressed and expressing your point of view to your spouse, when your spouse says “ok”, it ends there. He or she may not agree, doesn’t matter but an overflow of not so nice words can be easily avoided by this miniscule word “ok”. It easily avoided the days of not talking after the conundrum where you rain down on each other with stress, frustration, reaction and what not. Get the idea?

When your teenage kid is venting out at you about his/her nonsensical problems arising out of puberty, just say “ok”. Believe me it will save you from the label of, “you-just-dont-understand”, or “you-never-understand-me”. Yes this tiny word can take you a long way with this person you created and taught the words that he or she is now using against you!

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