The pieces

Lay scattered

When they don’t fit

I realize

Their sharp corners


The hollowness within

Why are the pieces scattered

Shouldn’t they be complete

There is that one piece

That fell off the table

Long ago

The hollowness within

A resounding echo

Of the emptiness..

My little one

Your eyes filled with a million dreams

Tears that roll down your little cheeks

A scary dream about me shatters you

Lying down on my lap

Is your happy moment

When you are happy you have to share it

With me

When you are disturbed

Telling me reassure you

This trust you have in me

That I am there for you

How did you learn this my little one

Was it when I held you

As you took your first steps

Or when I fed you as your little tummy growled

Was it when I held you

Each time you fell ill

Or did it form deep within

Even before I held you

This trust is the strongest of the strong

That I strive everyday

My little one

To hold onto

With my every being.

Close the door…

At the end of the year

The doors are closing in

There is that little gap

Which will close soon

I need to

Pick my arms and legs

Lift my head

Look forward

And run

Before it closes


The finger refuses to move

What is this weight

Gluing me to the ground

I want to get up

I want to run

It’s in the mind

It’s all in the mind

Maybe there is no door

Maybe nothing is closing in

It’s probably my mind

Playing games


Stop now

Set me free

From your vicious circle of thoughts

Set me free from these bonds

From words

Let there be silence

Just silence

Quiet now

There are no arms embracing me

There never will be

Let me close the door

Maybe then

Just for a little while there will be


where is she?

Switch off the loud music upstairs
Its not very endearing at ten in the night
The beats drumming into her head
Like the other beats over so many days
The security watching over her entry and exit
The happy friend who turns it into humour
It is a constant wave of emotions
She rides unaware
The growing one pounces on her with attitude
White haired sits mum
Words sealed in the mind
Little tantrums wants a slice of her
Each day
Every day
He beside her is riding his own wave
Clashing with hers at different depths of the sea
As she finds herself drowning, something pushes her up for air
The pillars are around, supporting like ever
All she has to do is lean
There is the dwelling, about to be born
Nurtured in the womb cared for day after day
Soon it will be born to open a pandora of memories
Where is she?
Hidden in these words, riding the waves
Sometimes under, sometimes over
The wings are tired, they want to rest
On a shoulder strong enough to bear the weight
Of lifelessness!


When the sunsets on the beach
are not as radiant as they are today
When the nights are cold
and dont carry the warmth of a hug
When the days are long
and the business of life engulfs life
Will you still love me?
When the conversations are empty
or the same words repeat themselves
When we look into each others eyes
and see a sheath of blankness
When there is more nagging
and less words of endearments
Will you still love me?
When the seas come in between
and we are no where in sight
When we have to move on
and take up life’s chores
When we are forced to wake up
and abandon our dreams
Will you still love me?

You my shadow

I am touched
and made beautiful by you
I am held
in your arms
like no thing could touch me
I am looked at
with all the love you can give
I am loved
and made to matter so much
to you
So much that
a line of sadness
draws concern
Why am I being loved
like there is no end
Why am I being held
like the world converges
where your arms meet
around me
I ask the whys
But have no answers
You ask me the same whys
And I have no answers
Walking side by side
Till the end of the road
You my shadow
And me yours..