Texas Book Festival

2 days to go to the Texas book festival.. find me at the Writers League of Texas booth!!


All I can say is, dreams do come true and believe in yourself, no matter what the world tells you!! There have been so many people I know and don’t know who have told me how dumb my writing is. I have had people ask me, why do you write, what is the point? There have been many many (repeated word for emphasis) publishers who have sent me automated emails of rejection without even looking at my work. There have been people who have mocked at me and said, you call this poetry? There were some who said so you wrote another maid’s story. Sometimes these comments have put me down, to be honest. I have thought maybe I am not cut for writing.

A recent workshop I attended put the devils to rest, when the group who attended the workshop and the instructor told me, that they loved my characters and content. The Writers League of Texas bolstered my spirit by giving me this signing booth. Finally I am out in the public, standing beside my books. It has taken time and a ton of resolve to stick my head above the water. This simply leads me to believe, that the most important thing is to believe in yourself. Period.

Excited to share the news that, Writers League of Texas is giving me a 45 minute signing slot at their booth during the Texas Book Festival in Austin.

From the website – One of the largest and most prestigious literary festivals in the country, the annual Texas Book Festival features 250+ nationally and critically recognized authors, 20+ venues including the State Capitol, 100+ exhibitors, local food trucks, family activities, and countless opportunities to meet authors and fellow book lovers.


I will be there from 10am to 10.45am on Oct 27th!!


That one page

Have you seen the book

With one empty page

To write your own story

On this single page

The color? It’s different

The size? It’s different

The page stands out

You could spot it

In a thousand pages

It’s lost

Amidst all the other pages

Beyond recognition

The writing? It’s different

The language? It’s different

Is it part of this book?

You would ask

Very much, I would say

It’s bound at the bone

It completes the story

In its own way

It’s the page

When the reader dreams

Dreams that have occured

Have I finished the story?

Not quite



It flutters in the wind

Eager to turn

I pause

Just a little


That single page…

It Goes On – In print

Hello readers,


My first book, ‘It Goes On’, a collection of short stories is in print again.




Enjoy reading and post your review here or on the Amazon page.


Thank you 🙂