The year gone by…

New year is always an opportunity to reflect on the year gone by and renew the hope within you to possibilities and achieve something new. Technically January 1st is just another day, when you reset the calendar. But over the years this day has filled the human with what a system reboot does to the computer. [...]

Launching "Maya Patikkal – The Official Website"

Dear Friends,A novel idea from my friend Reshmi started off this blog - Falling Leaves. A few inspirations drawn from life bridged the way to short stories. And now, there is a collection. My first book - It Goes On - A collection of short stories, is in its metamorphosis stage. So it is time [...]

Heart! We will forget him! by Emily Dickinson

A beautiful one from Emily Dickinson. Liked it so much that I am posting it here -Heart! We will forget him! by Emily DickinsonHeart! We will forget him!You and I -- tonight!You may forget the warmth he gave --I will forget the light!When you have done, pray tell meThat I may straight begin!Haste! lest while [...]