Day 5 : Life lessons – God provides

Like the past few weeks, today evening again I got an invite from a good friend of mine to attend bible study at her house. She was kind enough to call me again today, in spite of the fact that I declined a few of her earlier invitations, because I had something else to do. [...]

My first and forever love..

My childhood resonates with him. If I sit down to reminisce about childhood, most memories are about him. As I pick them up one by one, I realize that he is the one person I observed almost all the time. Every movement of his is a distinct memory. Maybe because I am a daughter, that [...]

The year gone by…

New year is always an opportunity to reflect on the year gone by and renew the hope within you to possibilities and achieve something new. Technically January 1st is just another day, when you reset the calendar. But over the years this day has filled the human with what a system reboot does to the computer. [...]

The light of candles

My earliest memory of a birthday goes back to maybe age 10, I am not quite sure. Even today I am as excited as I was as a kid. I honestly don't know why.  The "traditions" we followed, too heavy a word, I know, started few weeks before "the" day. My parents took my brother [...]


Today is Thiruvonam.. my kitchen lingers with the smell of payasam.. it's just 8am and I am already waiting for my kids to come back from school and relish their favorite paal payasam with boli. As I sit at my dining table looking out through my kitchen window, my memories linger on the onam I [...]

My house

As little girls we are obsessed with playing "house". There is a father, a mother and children. So the pretend play starts with the family waking up, mother making breakfast, sending off the kids to school and father to office. There is a makeshift house made with bedsheets or mom's sarees. There are toy utensils [...]