Cooking is an art - whoever said this, uttered the truth. When you sketch, you need to feel the paper, use the correct pencil, every stroke makes a difference. When you make jewelry, you need to pick the correct beads, string them in the right sequence to make something beautiful. When you paint, your canvas, paints, brushes, [...]

“Apprehension” – a big word

I fear a lot of things. I don't know if others are like this, because I cannot get into anyone else's mind. I am not scared, but I fear. Scared I feel is a word of present or past tense. Fear is associated with the future. So what am I fearful of? Oh many things. Like, [...]

Making peace..

Like the keys of the piano They rise one after the other One black Next white White is the hope Black is the abysmal darkness There are more black keys Weighing down The white ones struggle To get that gentle press As the music plays I waltz in its Symphony Knowing that soon  A black [...]

In the silences..

As he sat there in the stillness of the night, birds cooing somewhere up high, fireflies skimming through the air, lights of houses in the distance, the vast lake lying in tranquility, the noises of his present in the background, his past flashed before his eyes. Her love that was so dear to him, yet [...]


Its been over a year since she left. Since she started living with me in spirit. Yet when I look at her picture on my desk for a length of even 10 seconds, my mind plunges into abysmal emptiness. I feel myself falling into depths I have never known before. I have to snap back [...]

Of Bread sandwich & Maggi noodles…

So these were the engineering days. I lived in a hostel with a wonderful roommate and a bunch of cool girls next-door. It took me a few weeks to understand the know how's  of a "hostelite", but once I got the hang of it, there was no looking back, and they are the most memorable [...]