Small talks Little laughters Shot size bantering Is all there is Is all there will be Crossing paths Like two cars passing by Short-lived acquaintances They come and go And there are plenty Starting with small talks Ending with small talks These are loose threads From another lifetime This I am sure if For Each [...]

New waters

Not very often life presents you with a completely new set of choices. It retains the long and important relationships but everything else gets a reboot. The place you live in changes overnight. The building you call home changes to new walls, paint and furniture. Suddenly there are a whole set of people you meet [...]


The silence is deafening The humming of the cooling machine Cacophonous and humdrum There was another noise Talking to silence Just a while ago There were voices here Just this afternoon There was laughter here Just this morning There is this long Narrow road Of silence A valley of longing There is light No doubt [...]

Riding the waves

The waves come lashing One by one There is a small one Then there is a big one As I look out There are so many Everyone is looking out Everyone is watching At their small waves At their big ones Unknown is every course The strength to ride it Comes from heavens above Can [...]

Day 7: Life lessons – dependency and happiness

After a short break to take care of some life changes, I am back with life lessons. Today's lesson is driven by my little one. He has been sad due to some changes at home. He seems sad every time I talk to him. This took me back to a time when I was sad [...]

Day 6 : Life lessons – what our parents expect

It was around 9pm and I was pondering about what life lessons I should write about today. There were no obvious triggers during the day. As I was doing the dishes I thought about a particular family where parents and children are going through a strain in their relationship, primarily because the parents didn't meet [...]