The high rises Lit up in a hundred hues In distant view The water between us Waltzing under the sky The humming breeze Kissing my face Bringing intermittent Pools of smoke A bird skirts the water Skips hops and plays A night jogger Trailing the lonely path Stories are told Moments are relived Life happens [...]


Small talks Little laughters Shot size bantering Is all there is Is all there will be Crossing paths Like two cars passing by Short-lived acquaintances They come and go And there are plenty Starting with small talks Ending with small talks These are loose threads From another lifetime This I am sure if For Each [...]


The silence is deafening The humming of the cooling machine Cacophonous and humdrum There was another noise Talking to silence Just a while ago There were voices here Just this afternoon There was laughter here Just this morning There is this long Narrow road Of silence A valley of longing There is light No doubt [...]

Day 4 : Life lessons – Companionship

Companionship is the ultimate requirement, objective, end state of all relationships. I have seen this in my own life and in people whose paths have crossed mine over the years. Yesterday I was talking to my dad who has been living alone for over three years now after my mother passed. He was telling me [...]

The year gone by…

New year is always an opportunity to reflect on the year gone by and renew the hope within you to possibilities and achieve something new. Technically January 1st is just another day, when you reset the calendar. But over the years this day has filled the human with what a system reboot does to the computer. [...]